CCV-COT : Update 2

Hi everyone , was a bit busy with work on CCV-COT. There were a few bugs slipped in which took most of the time. Here is the summary of some works which I did after my last post.

  • Fiducial addon integratoin completed. Tried with paper fiducials and they work good with that. Used 2 different filter chains , one for finger+objects and other for fiducials. Both have the same settings. Also Modified the GUI to allow either Objects or Fiducial at once (so that there is no confusion between Fiducial’s part and Finger/Objects). Fiducial TUIO sending done.
  • In the preview release , people pointed out a bug with the TUIO XML part, which was due to an extra [/TCP] in the TCP messages. The [/TCP] was added by the openFrameworks network addon to distinguish between different TCP messages. I had to remove this tag manually.
  • One more TUIO bug was to use different “fseq” tag for same messages which I fixed by using same “fseq” tags. But again that caused another problem. Jerky response to the Object touch events. That was because I was sending 2 different messages for Objects and Fingers. Now I have combined them to a single message before sending.
  • Object calculation of dx,dy and acceleration added.
  • Fiducial Crash bug solved. And also in the TUIO UDP data there were some corrections (change in the format)

Somethings which are added to the roadmap are :

  • Releasing the CCV-COT 1.3.2
  • Sample Application (AS3) which can distinguish Objects and Fingers.
  • Use of 2Dobj messages and include all the calculations for it (angle, angle acceleration etc.)

6 thoughts on “CCV-COT : Update 2

  1. hi amit…i had seen your multi touch screen project in bits-goa…i wish to do a similar project, but i do not know the exact hardware requirements..i would be happy if you tell me what type of IR cameras are required and if possible from where to get them and the cost…

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