CCV – Things to do !

Initially I thought, roadmap will be a better word , but naah! This is just a post on what “may be” in CCV in future releases ! Also people who want to contribute into CCV code base and have no idea what they can do , these are some features that can be worked on ! Some of them are pretty easy, so can be nice place to start !

  • Multicam (up to 16 PS3 cameras supported by CLEye Driver)
  • WM_TOUCH messages along with TUIO messages
  • TUIO on multiple ports(done in CCV 1.4 final)
  • Debug mode improvements (say -p arguments prints number of blobs and so on. Right now only -d option is supported for logging )
  • Run directly as service. Once all parameters are set and saved , you don’t need any GUI !
  • Porting to Linux – Now it’s about time to port CCV to Linux and do cross platform development !
  • Object Tracking improvements by use of ROI.
  • GUI improvements – as suggested by Patrick.
  • Tracking performance improvements and ability to adjust the ccv settings in single steps(suggested by the_goat)
  • Improve fiducial tracking (may be using direct reactivision library instead of addon ?) (suggested by Rogier Mars)
  • un-Distortion filters in CCV (

This is not all , this is just a list of what comes to my mind right now ! If you want to add/modify any feature, just let me know , and I will add it up !

I have tried some of these and got success in some (like- running as service,debug mode improvements, multiple port TUIO) but the code is not mature enough to be merged into the repo. So if any of you want to work on these features, you can ask me/anyone in dev team for help !

You think you are not the “code-guy” and still want to contribute ? You are always welcome to help in documentation ! CCV is nicely documented, also the code is written so that it is easy to follow ! But better is always good 😉 !

Community Core Vision v 1.4

Finally the summer is over. Google Summer of Code made this summer one of the most amazing summers I have had. There are many people I need to thank for the successful completion of my project including Pawel Solyga(Mentor), Christian Moore, Jimmy Hertz, Sharath Patali and many other users who took time to test and give feedback for the test version of CCV-COT.

Its a great pleasure for me to announce that my work will be integrated into CCV mainstream development and will be released with this release (1.4).

Note : There has been some major changes in this release, so please read this fully before trying CCV-1.4a. Also if you have not tried out CCV-COT , you may want to read this post prior to reading this.

Changelog (After CCV-COT):

  • Complete Fiducial Support (Integration of ofxFiducialFinder addon by Alain Ramos).
  • TUIO XML messages bug solved.
  • CCV Debug mode
  • Different Filter chain and controls for Fiducial and Object/Fingers.
  • Fiducial settings on config.xml file.
  • Object acceleration calculations included.
  • removal and inclusion of some keyboard controls.
  • Closing of application from the “X” button,minimizing the application.
  • Changes in GUI
  • Blob counter for Finger, Fiducials and Objects respectively.
  • Sample AS3 app to test Custom Object Tracker(COT) added.

Community Core Vision v 1.4a

  • For Fingers + Objects – You can follow the post regarding CCV-COT and get started. The blob counter in the information window shows the count of finger blobs, object blobs and fiducial blobs respectively.

  • For Fingers + Fiducial –
  1. Start the application. Configure(Adjust the filter and calibrate) it for Finger. Enable Fiducials mode in the “Track” Panel.
  2. Press “i”. This will take you to the Fiducial Control Mode. “i” is the filter toggle key. In the debug window you will see The “Filter” tag changing to “Fiducial” from “Finger/Object” (See the screenshot below).
  3. Now you can adjust the filters so that you can see clear fiducials on the Binary Image. Note : If Fiducial mode is not enabled in the “Track” panel , you will see either a blank image or a still image.
  4. For better understanding , think of it like this. The camera image is copied into two images, one of them is analyzed for Finger/Objects and other for fiducials. Initially (when Filter is “Finger/Object”), all the sliders and controls are used to control the image that is analyzed for “Finger/Object”. When you press “i”, now all the sliders and controls are used to control the image that is analyzed for fiducials.
  5. The blob counter in the information window shows the count of finger blobs, object blobs and fiducial blobs respectively.
  • For Fingers+Objects+Fiducials- (**Not recommended for all**) This was something which was disabled initially because Fiducial tracking solves the problem of Object tracking. But again , we decided to give the user the freedom to choose what they have to track.  In this mode, most likely Objects and Fiducial will be confused (e.g. the image below)

But of course you need to be very lucky to get this mode working. A lot of adjustment will be required. But it is worth trying ;).

Tests :

Thanks to jimmy hertz, he has tested this version of CCV with his DI setup. Here are some images from his test.

In case of any doubts/suggestions get back to me by mail/comment/twitter/Facebook or by whatever mean you can. :-). It is now released on NUIGroup. Grab your own copy here :



DOWNLOAD : CCV-1.4.0-lin-32-bin.tar.gz

DOWNLOAD CCV 1.4.0 For your own Platform


Compile it yourself from LATEST SOURCE CODE

CCV-COT : Update 2

Hi everyone , was a bit busy with work on CCV-COT. There were a few bugs slipped in which took most of the time. Here is the summary of some works which I did after my last post.

  • Fiducial addon integratoin completed. Tried with paper fiducials and they work good with that. Used 2 different filter chains , one for finger+objects and other for fiducials. Both have the same settings. Also Modified the GUI to allow either Objects or Fiducial at once (so that there is no confusion between Fiducial’s part and Finger/Objects). Fiducial TUIO sending done.
  • In the preview release , people pointed out a bug with the TUIO XML part, which was due to an extra [/TCP] in the TCP messages. The [/TCP] was added by the openFrameworks network addon to distinguish between different TCP messages. I had to remove this tag manually.
  • One more TUIO bug was to use different “fseq” tag for same messages which I fixed by using same “fseq” tags. But again that caused another problem. Jerky response to the Object touch events. That was because I was sending 2 different messages for Objects and Fingers. Now I have combined them to a single message before sending.
  • Object calculation of dx,dy and acceleration added.
  • Fiducial Crash bug solved. And also in the TUIO UDP data there were some corrections (change in the format)

Somethings which are added to the roadmap are :

  • Releasing the CCV-COT 1.3.2
  • Sample Application (AS3) which can distinguish Objects and Fingers.
  • Use of 2Dobj messages and include all the calculations for it (angle, angle acceleration etc.)